Making smart devices even smarter

An online service that makes smart devices even smarter. Meet Triggi. We helped kickstart this tech startup by designing the main journeys in the app and creating its complete brand identity. All in a short amount of time.

Brand identity | Product design | UX research | Strategy

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Everything is connected

The Internet of Things has become a daily reality. More and more devices and services are now linked to the internet. The only problem is that they often work as singular entities. Triggi is the platform that allows all smart devices, services and applications to work together seamlessly.

Triggi is programming for dummies

Triggi works with simple rules that connect smart devices and services. These rules are called triggs. Each trigg works according to a ‘When’ and ‘Then’ rule. So that ‘When’ this happens, ‘Then’ do this. We visualised the trigg as a metroline, making them easy to read and use.

Love to connect

How do you create a great brand? By looking for the core. So what is the essence of Triggi? It’s functional, relevant, easy to use and fun. We combined and visualised these values, giving cool results.

Brand identity as the connecting factor

Since connecting things is the core of Triggi, it’s omnipresent in the brand identity. The logo is placed on a grid, giving the rest of the design a solid base. The dots in the figurative mark represent the devices that Triggi connects, connected by the represented lines. The same visual construction appears when the user makes a trigg. The colors are used at full clarity, giving them an almost luminescent quality.

When, then

A ‘When’ is the condition. For example: when it’s 20 degrees celsius inside and I’m not at home. A ‘Then’ is the action. For example: when it’s 20 degrees celsius inside and I’m not at home, the central heating needs to turn off.

Edit and create

Anyone can work with Triggi. The user can edit existing triggs, as well as create brand new ones. While editing triggs, the user enters a micro environment with just the trigg and the options to add or delete certain conditions and actions.

Relevant channels

There are approximately 20 billion smart devices on the market right now. In 2020, the amount of devices will probably have reached 50 billion. That’s a lot of devices. To manage this enormous number, you can only access the devices and services that are present at the location of the user.

A focussed flow helps users find and select their devices, apps and services quickly and easily. Triggi also works with online services like Facebook and Twitter, and connects them to the rest of the user’s system. On top of that, Triggi allows users to connect smart things to public services like weather stations and charging stations for electric cars.

In the media

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