ING’s mobile payment app: pay with your smartphone

The mobile payment app for ING allows you to easily pay wirelessly with your smartphone. We used a user-first design method together with ING to improve the app based on user data. It’s the most used mobile payment app in the Netherlands with 126.000 active mobile debit cards.

Read more about the case below or check out the app here in the Google Play store.

Taking mobile payments to the next level

ING checks in on their users regularly. Through feedback and reviews in the Google Play Store, we managed to collect enough data to improve the app. All thanks to the users, who showed us where to look.

User feedback

Even when users love the app, there’s always room for improvement. User feedback helped us to improve the app in order to avoid confusion about the payment flow. And young people of 16 and 17 couldn’t wait to start using the application.

UX review

We got busy on improving the app together with ING’s very own mobile payment team. With the help of a UX review we found new opportunities and plotted out our course. Our goal: let’s make the app smarter, more straightforward and more fun!


Getting young people to use the app

Young people wanted to use the app as well. We’ve made that possible. By allowing people as young as 16 to use the app, ING has increased the amount of users. We even designed a new onboarding to speed up the process, making it even nicer to get started.



Settings and card management was spread over 3 different locations in the app, so users couldn’t find everything. We regrouped all the settings to one place, making them easy to reach with just one touch.


Keep an eye on your bank balance

While waiting at the register, users might want to check their bank balance. So you can now quickly sneak a peek at your accounts. It feels fun and there’s nobody looking over your shoulder.

A visual party

Besides the improvements in UX, we’ve also taken the app’s visuals to the next level that really fits with ING. Thanks to the graphic style of ING, paying with your phone became a party!

Motion design

To clarify the payment flow, we used motion design. Motion became the body language for the app. The small animations really add to those “moments of delight”.

No big bangs, just baby steps

The UX changes were rolled out iteratively, to ensure that current users weren’t thrown by a complete new design. It also allowed us to see if the changes were appreciated by users.

Nothing but love

After rolling out the renewed app, users continued to give ING feedback. There are a bunch of really cool reactions in the Play Store, helping ING to stay on top of its game.

Tweeting celebs

The biggest digital guru in the Netherlands loves the app. Alexander Klöpping shared his enthusiasm on Twitter. Cool!

Results so far

The user count has risen to 150.000 and continues to grow each day.


Active cards and counting!